Monday, July 28, 2008

Adventures of the 3 M's - 07/26/08

Off to a rough start

Very rough

On Saturday, the 3 M's discovered their favorite park was open!! This playground is located at MotorMouth's school - practically in the backyard. The 3 M's trekked over there. Mommy had a headache, so she refrained from chasing MotorMouth and Mini-Me and climbing over the equipment. As a result, Mini-Me made some serious big girl headway.

Mini-Me reached all the way out from 4-ft in the air and managed to climb down on her own!

Three Times!!!
Mommy thought there might be a trip to the ER. Daddy was at work with the car, so she had to figure out Plan B, just in case.

After the playground, the 3 M's tried eating popsicles again. 
It was moderately better.

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