Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Adventures of the 3 M's - 07/22/08

Mommy, MotorMouth and Mini-Me were gone for 3 hours and 3 miles today.  Again, we mixed it up a little this week. 

MotorMouth ran through 'Lake Michigan'
Gotta grab a rock for the journey - every time
Someone was thirsty on their walk...

Of course, we went to the library. But afterwards, we did some different stuff!!
First, we went to a new old playground

New to us, but been there for years, and for older kids
Walking home, we saw a house under construction. MotorMouth wanted to know how they got all the dirt out of the basement. MotorMouth thought with a backhoe. We asked the foreman. MotorMouth was right!!
Ever wonder how the fire hydrant and yellow line get looking so fresh?
MBK told Daddy about this place in our neighborhood. It has lots of yummy treats!!
Dora the Explorer
Seemed like a good idea at the time...Not so much. Mommy cleaned the chocolate off Mini-Me and the stroller before Daddy got home.

MotorMouth noticed the building next to ours has glass now. He asked Mommy to take a picture.
And then everyone took a LONG nap.

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