Monday, July 14, 2008

Adventures of the 3 M's - 07/13/08

Mini-Me and MotorMouth seemed....tired at the outset.
It's the city - we have alleys!

Playing with C-Boy and M-Girl's toys
I met K-Mom, C-Boy and M-Girl's mom, at the little playground. K-Mom was a WEALTH of information. She told me about a much larger playground around the corner, a great park district close by, and a great magnet school down the street. I have her phone number, and our kids played very well together, so hopefully, we can work out a play date!
Dipping in the fountain

Met Daddy at Cold Stone Creamery
Glad he could spare the time away from his new iPhone
Playing at the much larger playground K-Mom told us about
Mini-Me climbed this all by herself!!
And this too!!
MotorMouth mastering yet another set of monkey bars

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