Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Writing Workshop - Identity Crisis

The underlying purpose of the writing workshop is learning to write character identities. From the above photo, I think my kids have identity issues...

Last night, there was no getting out of reading my work. The teacher had us read our own homework out loud - all of us - and later, we read each other's work out loud. I didn't feel quite as bad last night. Some of my stuff was real crap - which the instructor says is to be expected as we only have 5 or 10 minutes to write. Some of my stuff was alright, I thought.

I did submit my short story on time. Technically, I had 90 minutes to go. I finally settled on the 3rd completely new short story. On the first one, I thought I had a great premise but then it didn't pan out. The second one, it was rich with character identity, but it was going to be a novel before I finished the story line I had. I started a completely new short story on Sunday evening. Yikes!!

This morning, upon mental review of my short story, I think it sucks!!

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