Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Mom's Group @ Millenium Park

This morning, my Mom's Group went to Wiggle Worms and the water fountains at Millenium Park. We met at Di Eye's house, and walked over. It was a beautiful day, with perfect weather.

Our strollervan We saw a sanitation truck doing its thing.
I've never seen quite so many strollers parked in one place. The pavillion has several play areas with activities for kids of varying ages. These are just a few:

Wiggle Worms
Hoola Hoops & Skipping Rope
Story Time
After that, we headed to the water fountains.
Mini Me is a water bunny.Motor Mouth thinks he likes the water, 
but he is often too chicken to really enjoy it. 
Maybe he'll grow out of that.

Our adventure ended abruptly when Motor Mouth started freaking out that his toes were hurting. To the point of serious embarassment. Everyone around us was staring. It was all I could do to be a nice, loving mommy because I suspected he was turning up the juice, but couldn't prove it at that moment. Why? It started when he got a time out for hitting Mini Me.

I packed up our stuff and headed to the nearest Walgreen's to purchase pain meds. Funny thing is, as soon as we walked away from our gang, the freaking out and crying and shouting and jumping stopped. SNAP!! Just like that.

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