Wednesday, June 11, 2008

New Hobby

My Herb Garden

Who is this person I am becoming? Me? A gardener?

When I lived in Toronto, I tried to grow 2 Schefflera plants. I remember sitting in my apartment, listening to the leaves drop onto the wood floor. After killing the first plant, I gave the second to my mother. Mom nursed it back to life, and the plant flourished for another 12 years.

My father has a green thumb. He was extraordinarily proud of his vegetable gardens and fruit trees at our family home. Dad grew MASSIVE vegetables. Eggplants the length of my arm. For real. And his fruit trees beared the yummiest pears. Ummmm....

So, why then, was I cursed with brown thumbs? I'm bound and determined to reverse the curse this summer. I am gardener. Hear me...water...?!!

Last evening, I picked out 3 herb plants: 2 sweet basil, 1 purple ruffles basil. Herb gardens are perfect for condo living. My plants smell great. Purple is my favorite color. Basil likes lots of sunlight. I am becoming a chef, and all good chefs have their own herb gardens. Our balcony faces the south, so we get sun all day. And thus, my reasoning behind my choices.

After putting the kiddos to bed, I laid gravel in my new planter, re-potted the plants, added Miracle Grow potting soil, and watered. My precious herbs are doubling as a centerpiece for our patio table.

Stay tuned, Dear Reader. This is bound to be interesting.

And if you are the praying sort, I highly recommend effectual, fervent prayer for these plants. Heaven help us all...

I managed to keep the herbs alive for 6 months. The basil just kept growing so tall, I didn't have the right pot for it.
This year, I've managed to keep my friend MAM's 2 plants alive. Some days, they are barely hanging on, but they are still alive.
Next year, I am thinking about growing a tomato plant for each of the kids.

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