Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I'm Officially a Widney Woman

Mario @ Chicago Tattoo

My mother-in-law and my sister-in-law both have a tattoo on their foot. They've had their tattoos for 2 years, making mine long overdue. They also have the swirly design with stars. J's cousin, Cody, designed their tattoos and mine. He is so talented!!

The Meaning:
9 Stars = 9 years of marriage
Saxaphone = Symbol for our son's name
Eiffle Tower = Symbol for our daughter's name

Before - Never to be seen again


Keisha said...

Cool! I like it.

Threeundertwo said...

What a gorgeous design! Who designed it? I love it!

Widney Woman said...

I meant to include Cody, my husband's cousin as the artist. Thanks for the reminder, Three/Lit.

faithchick1980 said...

Looks some what formiliar. I told Sarah she had to do it now.

Felicity said...

I love the idea behind that tattoo. And it is beautiful. So, will you add a star each year or what?

Widney Woman said...

J asked if I was going to add a star each year. I told he wasn't guaranteed another year, so no need to get ahead of himself...

Norma-ann at The Mommy Project. said...

Oh! So HERE is the story of the tattoo! I LOVE it!! It is completely beautiful and totally cool and I love how it incorporates all your family. Love it, Love it, LOVE IT!

(Now I want one again).

How much does that hurt?

Widney Woman said...

I talked and dozed through my lower back tattoo. This one was not a talking tattoo. I did feel some pain, but it only took 15 minutes to do. I had forgotten it ever hurt by the next morning.