Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Grandpa & Grandma in Chi-Town, Part 2

On Saturday, J's parents, the kids and I ate our way through Michigan Avenue. J was working, so he missed out on the goodies!

We parked in the Hancock Building, on the 8th floor!!
Ate cupcakes at Water Tower Place (where Oprah lives)
Took part in a quiet 'Free Tibet' demonstration
Carriage ride through downtown
Watched a street performer
Played at the Lego Store
Lunched at Joe's
Checked out the Disney Store
Got some iPod service at the Mac Store...Mini Me was down for the count!
Ice Cream at Ghiradelli
Snapped pictures of...
a famous parking garage
Apartment building from 'Stranger than Fiction' movie
Trump Tower
Went to Target to see the shopping cart escalator!!


Lori said...

A shopping cart escalator?! How exactly does that work?

Widney Woman said...

It is SOOOO cool!! I imagine it works like those wheelchair lifts in people's homes. It looks like empty tracks. When you put your cart in there it grips the wheels and up goes your cart. The people escalator is right next to it, so you watch your stuff go up. At the top, you pull it out and off you go!