Friday, June 6, 2008

Divine Dining

Two nights in a row, I have SCORED!! J LOVED my Caribbean Chicken with Mango Salsa on a bed of Couscous. It was tasty! And, I even grilled the chicken myself. Normally, I get everything ready, and J grills it. But tonight, he taught me how to grill. Whoohoo!!

I should mention, the Pampered Chef cookbook told me to use their food chopper (which I did) to chop the mango. But it came out mushy. Maybe my mango was too ripe. I would have gotten a less mushy result if I had just done it with a knife. No biggie.

While I'm being honest...I don't know that I've ever eaten couscous. J isn't so sure he has either. Oh well, I have not only eaten it, but I made it.

J said he is starting to feel a bit...territorial about the kitchen. Cooking has always been his domain in our home. Now, I'm cooking, and this week, I made 2 dishes that could go head-to-head with his finery. Never, in almost 9 years of marriage would either of us have ever thought this day might come.

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Norma-ann at The Mommy Project. said...

Looks yummy!
I've been trying to learn how to cook, too. Strange the things motherhood makes you do, huh? Who'da thunk it! ;-)

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