Saturday, June 14, 2008

4 Under 5 Gang

The Saturday Morning Gang

Today, I cared for 2 - 5 yr olds and 2 - 2 yr olds. It was my 2 kiddos, plus 2 adorable little girls, who are in town for the weekend with their parents.

First, I took the Saturday Morning Gang to the playground. We played tag and hide-n-go-seek. I was racing to tag Motor Mouth, when I tripped on a walkway and skinned both knees! My knees are ugly, so no, I didn't take a picture to blog on that. J was driving to work and drove by just in time to witness my demise. *sigh* The kids had a great time though! I'm glad I thought to bring water for them. On the way back, the girls picked those pretty yellow flowers that grow all on their own.

Somehow, I managed to get all 4 kids in 1 shot!

All playgrounded out, we returned so the Gang could make cookies. I was so excited. I have over 100 cookie cutters. The Gang each picked out their favorite shapes. We tried to cut them out. But the cookie recipe I used, was not condusive to cutting dough. Bummer!!
After many attempts, I sent the Gang to Motor Mouth's bedroom to play. That gave me plenty of time to make the ugliest cookies known to man. I thought I could make happy faces or something on the cookies. But the icing tubes I purchased need tips. I didn't know that!! So, I smeared icing and those little icing balls all over the cookies. I'm trying to be Crocker Widney, but Widney Woman keeps getting in the way!

The Disaster
The ugliest cookies ever!!
But, the panel of judges loved the cookies!!
Motor Mouth already has 2 arranged marriages lined up (1 in case the other doesn't work out). But I would be willing to set those aside for Big Blue.

Don't laugh. Have you ever tried to self-portrait 5 people?

At least I managed storytime okay. I read 7 books to them, using different voices for each character. I am surprised all 4 of the Gang members sat on and around me long enough for 7 stories!

I fixed mac and cheese for lunch. With weiners. The Gang ate everything in their bowls!! Whoohooo!!!!

Just as I put the lunch dishes in the dishwasher, the girls parents arrived to pick them up. I really hope they move to Chi-Town!!

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Norma-ann at The Mommy Project. said...

Wow! Good for you. Looks like you all had a blast.
(and...who said I was pregnant???)