Sunday, May 25, 2008

Dinner at the Boss' House

Yesterday - Saturday - evening, we had dinner with Apple Boy and Songbird. Tall Joe is J's boss. So we had to go. Just joking! We love them!! I don't think they will have us over again, though. For real.

Within the first 5 minutes, our 2 kiddos did something to the cat, and the next thing we all knew, the lamp was knocked off the side table, the cat was tense, Mini Me was saying, "Oh-oh!", and Motor Mouth was saying, "Saw-ree!" I was mortified!! J, Mr. Lighting Designer, fixed the lamp - I think. Of course, Apple Boy and Songbird were sweet about it. They are sweet people. They let us stay a bit longer.

Songbird fixed a great dinner. Very yummy. The salad had peanuts in it. Very unexpected, 'cause I didn't see them in there. I meant to get more, but forgot. I was too busy restling the kiddos.

After dinner, we walked around the block. We walked through the neighborhood garden, then it was off to the playground. There were big kids there, but they got off the equipment and swings, so our kids could play. Very nice.

We had blackberry cobbler for dessert. Must get the recipie. During dessert, Mini Me pulled a 120 year old book out of the bookcase, and tore a page in half!! I wanted to hide wherever the cat had taken to hiding. They are NEVER having us over again.


hlooy said...

i have had this dinner before!! i know just how you felt---i'm sorry. kids just know how to put you in your place, don't they---you think you are a cool adult that can have dinner with other cool adults---but your not! haha they put you back in the place of who you really are---a mom, a dad---raising energetic fun kids that don't know the differance between a 100 year old book and their fav. barney book. being a mom is so much fun!

hlooy said...

hlooy is holly queen