Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Chillin' with George

Kiddos watching George of the Jungle.

I know, it's not exciting, but I just got the battery charged on the camera for the first time in a week. For my faithful bloggers - I scoured the loft and couldn't find it anywhere, Monday. So, I called J to see if he had taken the charger to work last week. That was when he told me he had found the charger that morning, when cleaning out the vehicle. I'm just glad it has been located, so I won't dwell on the communication breakdown. Afterall, I was searching for it because he asked me to...

This morning, for breakfast, I fixed British muffins with cheese and pepperoni. I forgot to buy bacon last night, so I improvised. And yes, I said British muffins. That's what the package says. Maybe it's a Trader Joe's thing. Maybe it's common but I haven't grocery shopped this much in over 2 years.

We have discovered Trader Joe's, thanks to Joe - the man in the know - and everyone on staff at Park. Trader Joe's is a grocery store selling all natural products at great prices. They don't have vegetable oil, that's how au natural they are. I asked. I regretted asking when the store clerk went into this long, personal story about how she grew up poor and had to substitute apple sauce for butter. And a host of other growing up poor info that was way TMI.

We weren't poor, but my mother neither stocked butter nor applesauce in our home. Margerine. If we made mac and cheese and we didn't have milk (which seemed to be every time we made mac and cheese) we substituted Carnation evaporated milk. It wasn't quite the same. I know because I am always impressed at how great mac and cheese tastes, and how smooth the 'cheese sauce' is, now that we use the 'real' ingredients. J and I neither stock evaporated milk nor margerine in our home. Real butter and real milk, baby.

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Norma-ann at The Mommy Project. said...

LOL! Livin' the good-life, eh, baby? Real Milk, Real Butter.

Guess what we just ate for lunch. Is it a Canadian-thing or a North-American-thing?