Monday, May 5, 2008

Box Madness

Over 50 boxes in our kitchen, waiting to be donated.

7 full days in our new home. We still love it. We still feel like we made the right decisions. It's still a little surreal. We are actually residents of Chicago. We got a discount today at the Field Museum because we live in Chicago. We are here. We did it. We're doing it.

We have a pretty good lay of the land in our heads, and know where to go to get what we need. I swiped a phone book last month, and keep it in our Jeep. It has come in handy so many times!! I've always been an advocate of keeping a phone book in your vehicle. It saves on 411 calls, but is handy for accessing so much more information.

I am struggling with where the house is in terms of readiness. When I was single, I could move in on a Friday, and by Monday morning, it was decorated and all the boxes put away. It's not the same when you have kids and 3 bedrooms, and everyone with their own stuff.

J has been working and cooking dinner each night. I haven't wanted to ask him to do much when he gets home. I have this thing in my head where, I am a housewife now, so I should be able to care for the kids, and get the house together, and do all the cleaning and dinner dishes and make life easy for the hunter and gatherer. J is so not like that, so I need to change my way of thinking.

I think we are almost there. I need to get the rest of the clothes put away, and Jason needs to put the remaining storage totes, currently in the living room, up in the massive storage areas above our bathrooms. The remaining items in the kitchen belong in our storage locker, or are flattened boxes that need to be donated to someone. Hopefully, by Sunday evening, our home will be done and good to go!

Want to hear the maddness that is me? I am going to Canada this week to help my mom unpack her new house!! Ha ha.

Saturday April 26, 2008 - 01:14am

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